Modern technologies have brought many benefits through the innovation of smart gadgets such as Smart TVs. Smart TVs enable you to enjoy a wide range of content over the Internet. Unfortunately, people who own Smart TVs expect them to be wifi-connected so they can stream all their favorite shows and movies. But unless you have content to watch via your cable connection, the TV is useless without being linked to the wifi network.

This article will show you a step-by-step guide on connecting Philips Smart TV to wifi in 2024. With Philips Smart TV, one of the leading Smart TVs around today, connecting it to the Internet will give you access to a wide range of features. 

How to Connect Philips Smart TV to wifi in 2024

How to Connect Philips Smart TV to WiFi
How to Connect Philips Smart TV to wifi

Step 1: Go to the home screen.

Navigate to the TV’s home screen. On your remote, press the Home button to accomplish this. The icon for this button is a picture of a house, so you can quickly identify it. 

Step 2: Go to settings.

Your frequently used services and downloaded apps are displayed on the home screen. There are three icons, one of which is a gearwheel, at the top right of the screen. Activate the gearwheel by pressing it. You access the settings in this manner. You may locate ‘All settings at the bottom of the screen on some Philips Smart  TVs.

Step 3: Go to wireless and networks.

The Wireless and networks section can be found by scrolling down in the options menu. Press it, then choose Bluetooth, Wired or Wireless, or Remote. 

Step 4: Choose Wired or Wireless

Select Wired or Wireless, after which several settings for the internet will appear. 

Step 5: Connect to the network.

Select Connect to network. This will appear at the top of your screen. Then, depending on what you choose in step 4 will determine which steps to follow below. 

Step 6a: Connect wired

Do you want to use a cable to connect your television to the internet? Select the top choice in that situation. Want to connect your TV to the internet wirelessly? Move to the next step. 


Step 6b: Connect a network cable

Turn on the router, then connect a network wire to the television. The internet will now be accessible through your Philips TV. 

Step 7a: Connect via wifi

Choose wifi if you wish to link your television to your home network.

Step 7b: Enter the password

Enter the password after choosing the network to which the television will be connected. The internet is now accessible through your TV. Don’t know your network’s password? Your network router can be examined. You’ll most likely discover a sticker on which the wifi network password is written.

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The above steps will help you connect your Philips Smart TV to Wi-Fi easily. The advantages include access to a wide range of content, viewing photos, and browsing online. Kindly drop your thoughts in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you!!! 

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