Codecanyon is a popular source to buy digital products such as PHP scripts, Web apps, tools, Android apps, WordPress themes, plugins, and many more. Developers make use of Codecanyon as a marketplace to sell their products. If you recently purchased a PHP script, tool, or web app source code from Codecanyon and looking for the best VPS hosting to host your script, here we’ve shared the right VPS Hosting For Codecanyon Scripts in 2023.

There are severe VPS hosting providers but choosing the best is where the issue lies. In the last four years, I’ve tried several hosting services, firsthand, I can say every hosting company has its cons no matter how reputable.

Choosing a VPS hosting depends on the type of script you intend to host on the VPS server. To choose the right VPS hosting service for a Codecanyon script, there are a few things you should consider.

  • Developer specification: the developers often give a specification that the server must adhere to before the script can run smoothly. This you need to know before purchasing a VPS hosting. If you can’t find the server specification in the documentation, kindly contact the developer.
  • Choose a reputable hosting company and select a VPS plan: Having known the system requirement for the script, the next step is to select a VPS hosting service and plan that is compatible with the requirement.
  • Take note of the server configuration: Before purchasing a VPS plan take note of the server configuration. If the script developer specifies, Apache as the web server, don’t install Nginx.

Best VPS Hosting For Codecanyon Scripts in 2023

Company NameRecommended VPS PlanConfigFree TrialPrice
ContaboCloud VPS S4 vCPU Cores
50 GB NVMe
or 200 GB SSD
OVHcloudVALUE1 vCore
250 Mbps unmetered
Digital Ocean 2CPUs2CPUs
4 GiB Memory
80 GiB Storage
4,000 GiB Bandwidth
VultrHigh Performance2 vCPU
4 GB Memory
5.00 TB Bandwidth
100 GB Storage
HetznerCX212 vCPU Intel
40 GB Disk space
20TB Traffic


contabo-Best VPS Hosting For Codecanyon Scripts

Contabo is a well-known hosting provider headquartered in Germany. It focuses on providing scalable and advanced VPS hosting, VDS hosting, and dedicated server infrastructure while maintaining a reasonable pricing model. Contabo was founded in 2002 and has since then scaled its way to the top of the food chain when it comes to the best pricing for dedicated servers, security, and optimization.


Contabo pricing and plan for VPS hosting fits right in if you are on a budget. Their pricing is relatively low compared to the features that come with it which makes contabo the best VPS Hosting for Codecanyon Scripts.

Moreover, all 4 VPS hosting plans is equipped with DDoS protection and snapshot technology. You can also choose between managed or unmanaged servers, full monitoring, and more. You can also choose which OS or app panel to pre-installed upon server allocation. Contabo has several OS you can choose from, Windows Server, Cent OS & RHEL Variants, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Ubuntu, and Debian to mention a few.

VPS S4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 50GB NVMe or 200GB SSD, 1 snapshot, and 32TB bandwidth.$8.49/mo
VPS M6 CPU cores, 16GB RAM, 100GB NVMe or 400GB SSD, 2 snapshots, and 32TB bandwidth.$13.99/mo
VPS L8 CPU cores, 30GB RAM, 200GB NVMe or 800GB SSD, 3 snapshots, and 32TB bandwidth.$22.99/mo
VPS XL10 CPU cores, 60GB RAM, 400GB NVMe or 1.6TB SSD, 4 snapshots, and 32TB bandwidth.$40.49/mo


  • Powerful and affordable VPS servers
  • New fast NVMe storage
  • DDOS Protection
  • Data Centers in six regions, European Union (Germany), United States (East, Central, and West), Asia (Singapore), and the UK
  • 99.996% Uptime over the last 12 months


  • Some support help requires extra free
  • No real-time customer support
  • Advanced hosting solution: Not beginner friendly.


OVHcloud is an Irish hosting platform that offers several cloud products including dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers, Storage Backup, etc. OVH is not limited to any region, they are international. They have data centers in various countries, including Ireland, Canada, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Singapore, and Australia.

Furthermore, OVH offers low prices for its VPS plans. However, they also come with limited configs as well as an app panel and operating system you can choose from. Moreover, the data center you can choose from is also limited to the region of the united states, which makes it difficult if you’re targeting a different region.

Nevertheless, OVH is rated higher when it comes to server speed, security, and scalability. The storage is NVEM SSD which improves the server speed. You can also choose between six popular operating systems including; windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Cent OS, Rocky Linux, etc.

StarterProcessor: 1 vCore, Memory: 2GB, Storage: 20GB SSD SATA, Public bandwidth: 100Mbps$4.20 /month
ValueProcessor: 1 vCore, Memory: 2 GB, Storage: 40 GB SSD NVMe, Public bandwidth: 250Mbps$6.90 /month
EssentialProcessor: 2 vCore, Memory: 4 GB, Storage: 80 GB SSD NVMe, Public bandwidth: 500Mbps$14.65 /month
ComfortProcessor: 4 vCore, Memory: 8 GB, Storage: 160 GB SSD NVMe, Public bandwidth: 1Gbps$27.30 /month


  • Faster server speed
  • 99.37% uptime
  • NVEM SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Increased Performance


  • Support is available on weekdays only, from 9 am to 6 pm GMT
  • Limited sever regions to choose from

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean-Best VPS Hosting For Codecanyon Scripts

Digital Ocean is not new to most hears as their product speaks for itself regarding hosting and cloud infrastructures. Digital Ocean introduces a new approach and concept for cloud solutions. They offer features that give developers the best value for their products.

Furthermore, Digital Ocean delivers simple and reliable cloud website hosting and VPS host solution. The simplicity of the user interface and config setting is next to none. You have to pick a droplet and customize It to your preferred configuration. You can choose the type of vCPUs, memory size, and storage capacity based on your project requirements. This is your best choice if you want VPS hosting for all Codecanyon scripts or projects in 2023.

Pay for what you use, with no hidden fees. Digital Ocean offers a different pricing model, unlike most hosting platforms. You only pay per what you use and you are charged per hour. The cost depends on the type and configuration of the droplet. It can be as little as $0.00595/hr to $3.88095/hr. Here is the cherry on the icing, new user free $200 credit that is valid for up to 60 days.


  • Extensive and complete self-understandable documentation.
  • 99.99% uptime
  • Faster server speed in all locations
  • Suitable for high-traffic websites or products that require a lot of resources.
  • Load Balancer


  • The operating system is limited to Linux
  • No support for Windows server availability


Best VPS Hosting For Codecanyon Scripts

Vultr is a top VPS provider that you can use to host Codecanyon scripts in 2023. The features of Vultr include a Load balancer, Object storage, Managed Database, free snapshots, and state-of-the-art security features.

Also, Vultr has over 28 data centers globally. With this, you get better server performance and faster response time. Furthermore, one of the best things you will enjoy users will enjoy when using Vultr products is flexibility. Vultr gives full administrative access to your VPS server. LEMP, Owncloud, OpenVPN, Webmin, and Apache can be installed with a single click.

Vultr has one of the lowest pricing when it comes to VPS plans starting from $2.25/month. There is also a $5/month plan with reasonable features for small-scale projects and businesses. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees and you are only charged for what you use hourly. In addition, Valtr offers new users $100 Free Credit.


  • Large choice of datacenters
  • Hourly billing
  • Network bandwidth, CPU usage, Disk I/O, monitoring charts
  • Modern User Interface.


  • DDOS protection requires an extra fee


Choosing the right VPS hosting can make your business scale to the top faster. We’ve shared top web hosting companies that offer affordable VPS hosting while also maintaining top quality. It is not just to host Codecanyon scripts but can be used for a lot of purposes as well. If you have an addition, kindly mention it in the comment section.

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