Like most other smart devices, Apple’s macOS (Macbook PC) comes with its pre-installed Web browser — Safari. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the only Web browser you can use. No doubt, Safari offers lots of amazing features to help improve your browsing experience. However, it lacks some basic security considerations. This is one of the reasons why people look out for other Safari alternatives. 

In this article, we will be highlighting the best safari browser alternatives for macOS PC users. Web browsers are a vital part of our online activities; without them, you can’t have access to a single website. They’re like the gateway to the internet. Now, let’s get to why you’re here!

Best Safari Browser Alternatives for macOS PC in 2023

Google and their counterpart Apple are notorious for forcing their products on customers to the extent that most people don’t realize they have options. Safari browser falls into this category. Here are the best alternatives for the Safari browser in 2023.


  1. Google Chrome – Overall best alternative but its privacy security is questionable.
  2. Mozilla Firefox – One of the best alternatives for macOS but not compatible with many extensions
  3. Opera Browser – It has several features for privacy control, like an ads blocker, less personalization, etc. but not the overall best alternative.
  4. Brave Browser – if you are pro-privacy security, this is the right alternative.
  5. Microsoft Edge has extra privacy features, including blocking most website trackers, minimal personalization, and harmful trackers.
  6. Tor Browser – Privacy focus.
  7. Vivaldi Browser – Privacy and customization focus.

Google Chrome

You probably have heard about Google chrome a lot. According to the similar web, Google Chrome is the most used Web browser in the world. Chrome is popular for speed, functionality, privacy, security, and efficiency.  While it’s packed with many amazing features, it also has an excellent user interface.

Users can easily bookmark, easily access settings and browsing history, and find in the page tab. Chrome appears to be the hero for most internet users; however, Chrome is known to drain a system’s battery very quickly. 

Mozilla Firefox

Another browser topping our list is the Mozilla Firefox browser. When you’re unsure about any other browser providing the same or better privacy features than that of safari, wait till you check Firefox out. It doesn’t stop there; it also has features similar to other Web browsers, such as blocking third-party cookies, an In-built password manager, and saving pages for offline viewing. 

It’s no doubt Mozilla Firefox browser is one of the best safari alternatives for macOS PC users. Unfortunately, there was a time Firefox was the most used browser before being overtaken by Google chrome. However, it keeps getting new updates to make its users’ browsing experience safer. 


Opera Browser

Opera Browser kind of functions like the Google Chrome browser. It also focuses majorly on the user’s browsing experience. However, Opera is yet to be highly recognized by most desktop users. 

Opera comes with battery saver features. It also allows embedding social chat apps into the sidebar. Opera Browser is considered a lightweight browser for PCs. 

Brave Browser

Brave browser is yet another great alternative to safari for macOS PC users. It’s strictly against ads. You should check out the Brave browser if you’re a browser that helps block ads faster. 


Brave works well on macOS PC. It’s free, fast, and simple, saving data when visiting different websites. 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is another leading Web browser created by Microsoft. It’s more potent than most other best safari alternatives for macOS PC users. It comes with lots of intuitive features, such as tab preview and reading mode. It also comes with a dark theme that makes reading on-screen safer. 

While it’s arguable that Google chrome is better than Microsoft Edge browser, there are still some features Microsoft Edge has to offer that are not available on chrome. Besides, Edge claims to be 112% faster than chrome. The good part is it’s an excellent browser alternative to Safari. 

Vivaldi Browser

Two things Vivaldi Browser is popular for our privacy and customization. So when you are looking for a browser that lets you customize its interface, this browser might be just the one you’re searching for. In addition, while Vivaldi Browser seems quite simple to the Opera browser, you can use Chrome plugins with this browser, making it even more customizable.

Additionally, it acts as an ads blocker, helping you avoid annoying ads. It also features a sidebar that lets you access options such as screenshots and notes, so you don’t have to leave this browser before performing any of those actions. 

Tor Browser

One of the reasons I love the Tor browser is because they’re very strict with privacy. I’m pro-privacy security. So, if you’re like me, then the Tor browser is your go-to option for a better browsing option. With an encrypted connection, Tor helps you access the unindexed part of the internet(dark web). While browsing through the internet, the Tor browser hides your IP address and browsing activity by redirecting your web traffic through several nodes. Tor browser is undoubtedly the best in helping you anonymize Web traffic so you can truly have a private Web browsing experience.


For many reasons, we might want to switch from the native browser that comes with our devices. Not just because of any technical issues or bugs, it might be because we want to try our hands on other Web browsers. If you’re like that, changing to the safari alternatives listed above for macOS PC users can be a good choice. 

Do let us know which browser you’re changing to in the comments section below. 

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