The beauty of the Xmax holiday is the bonding between family and friends as everyone comes together to celebrate the festive period. Many activities go down during the festive period. One of the ways to keep yourselves and your friends entertained is to play interesting multiplayer games together.

5 Best Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends on Xmas (Android & IOS)

Multiplayer games can fall into different categories: action, arcade, strategy, puzzle, etc. Each category has some exciting games that are suitable to play with friends and family during Xmas holiday.

Here, we’ve curated some of the best multiplayer games to play with friends during Xmas for android and PC.

5 Best Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends during Xmas In 2022

Moreover, the list comprises both free and paid games. We’ve mentioned each game and also given a review of what they entail. Furthermore, the list is in no particular order. The list arrangement does not contribute to how interesting or satisfying the game is.

Heads Up: Best Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends during
Heads Up

Heads Up

First on this list is Heads Up. An exciting party game that lights up moods with engaging gameplay. The game is ideal for both small and big gatherings. The game poses a challenge requiring 3 or more people to participate.

In this game, you will be welcomed with 5 decks, superstars, Blockbuster Movies, Animals gone wild, Act it out, and pop culture. Each deck has a different challenge. You pick a card and act out the action displayed on the card for your teammate to guess. No talking!

For example, if you pick Pop culture on the deck, you need to get your teammate to guess the latest meme-worthy and hashtaggable moments without saying what’s on the card or rhyming. On the other hand, if you team up with friends that follow the latest trends, the challenge should be easy.

In addition, you can purchase more cards for a few tokens.


Download Heads Up! Funny charades game for IOS and Android

King of Opera: Best Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends during
Best Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends during

King of Opera

King of Opera, developed by Tuokio, is a multiplayer arcade game I will recommend you play with your friends during Xmas. The gameplay requires one to four people. Each player takes position at the four edges of the screen and keeps tapping their position to knock other players off the stage.

Furthermore, the game has 6 different modes, each with a different style of play. King of Opera is free to install on google play for android and AppStore for ios devices.

A tablet or Ipad is the most suitable device for this game if you won’t have the best gameplay experience.

Download King of Opera for IOS and Android

Drive Ahead: Best Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends during
Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead

If the ones mentioned above do not interest you, then Drive Ahead is another exciting game you can play with friends this holiday. It is a two-player game where each player races with a weird-looking car and performs stunts on hostile terrains.


During the gameplay, players will find themselves in a battle arena and compete to become the Master car gladiator. Furthermore, players have several cars to choose from, including off-road vehicles, monster trucks, tanks, motorcycle stunt cars, and more.

There are several things to watch out for in this exciting game. However, unlike the ones mentioned above that can be played by multiple players on a single device, Drive Ahead multiplayer can only be enjoyed when players use individual devices with the game installed.

Furthermore, the game is free to install on ios and android devices but comes with in-app purchases.

Download Drive Ahead for IOS and Android

Battle Golf

As the name implies, Battle Golf is a gulf simulation multiplier game. You can play the game with up to six friends, which makes it a suitable game to play when you have friends over during this Xmas.

The game has super easy controls and intuitive gameplay. Players compete on up to 120 mini-golf courses in an exciting PVP challenge. Players compete together in real-time, and during each challenge, the first player to hit the hole wins.

Battle Golf can be installed for free on both ios and android devices.


Gum Slinger

Gumslinger is a funny-looking game with addictive gameplay. The game characters are made of jelly and shaped to look like cowboys in western style. Each player looks to shoot another in a wastewater gun sling showdown.

While characters might look unrealistic, the action and effects in the game are relatable. Characters can also appear in any form or shape. Players will sling guns and sometimes throw punches with a wired-looking boxing glove. Let me also mention that gravity seems broken in the game, and actions in the game sometimes defy physics.

The game is simple, but it is a fun one!

You can download Gum Slinger for Android and IOS devices

Wrapping up

You can take advantage of the Christmas holiday to have fun and memorable moments with your family and friends. We’ve shared five multiplayer games you can play with your friends this holiday. Please comment below if you have suggestions or a game you want us to add to the list.

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