This article is for you if you are a sports enthusiast and do not want to miss any of your favorite teams’ matches/games. There are several means to watch live sports, but if you are looking for free access live sports, you should download Kodi and install the Live sports addon we’ve mentioned on this page.

Kodi is open-source software that allows the installation of compatible add-ons on its builds. Thanks to developers, several add-ons have been created, each offering different purposes. We wrote about add-ons you can use to watch movies and Tv shows on Kodi; we’ve shared the 8 best live sports addons for Kodi in 2023.

List of 8 Best Live Sports Addon for Kodi in 2023

Best Live Sports Addons for Kodi
  1. Daddy Live
  2.  Sport HD
  3.  Mad Titan Sports
  4.  Rising Tides
  5.  The Loop
  6.  Apex Sports
  7.  Purely Wrestling
  8.  Fights On Demand (FOD)

The add-ons mentioned above are third-party add-ons requiring a different install method on Kodi. Trust us. We’ve shared a complete guide on how to install any addons on Kodi.

1. Daddy Live

Daddy Live is the top live sports addon for Kodi. Daddy Live is primarily a sports news website that offers the latest news updates and information on popular sports worldwide. Their Kodi addon allows users to watch live sports on any supported device without a subscription, including popular sports like football, tennis, hockey, gulf, rugby, cricket, etc.


Daddy Live addon is located in The Crew Repository. You can access the repo with this link Furthermore, the addon is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and 20 Nexus and might not work on later versions.

2. SportHD

SportHD is a popular Kodi Addon for watching live sports. SportHD lets you watch live sports events by scraping content from streaming websites. This makes the addon safer as it doesn’t host any content.

In addition, SportHD Addon is located at along with other add-ons like Skyline Tester, ReleaseHub, CartoonsGR, etc. Also, Sport HD is compatible with Kodi 20 Nexus and 19 Matrix.

3. Mad Titan Sports

Here is another Live Sports addon for Kodi. Mad Titan Sports allows you to live stream various sports like basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and Wrestling, as well as PPV and highlights. This addon also allows you to replay previous matches and feature categories like NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, PPV, sports networks, etc.

The Mad Titan Sports addon is located in the Magnetic repository at You can use the repo URL to install the addon on Kodi.

4. Rising Tides

Rising Tides is a Kodi live sports addon that functions as IPTV/PVP. It has well-structured sections to access Football Highlights, Football Live, Live PPV Events, and More Sports Events. This addon mainly focuses on football, so if you are a football fan, you should consider installing this addon on your Kodi.

The rising Tides addon is located in the Rising Tides repository, and you can access the repo with or its alternatives; and


5. The Loop

The Loop is an addon that gives users access to live sports on Kodi. It sources resources from free sports streaming sites. The addon has an organized user interface with features like the daily schedule of matches, replays, a live TV section, and a search function.

With The Loop addon installed on Kodi, you can watch live football matches, cricket, golf, rugby, darts, baseball, basketball, American football, and hockey. Also, you can replay previous streams easily. In addition, there are sections for car racing like Formula 1, NASCAR and bikes. MMA, UFC, Wrestling, and other fighting sports are not excluded.

You can find The Loop Kodi Addon in the Loop repository, which you can access at

6. ApeX Sports

Apex Sports is a live sports addon for Kodi. It enables users to access live sporting events through high-quality streaming links. You can watch Live sports, Replays, and Highlights; aside from sports, you can also browse content from various categories and genres.

In addition, ApeX Sports is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 20 Nexus. It is the best alternative for old sports addons like SportDevil and Plexus. ApeX Sports can be found in Arxtic-ape Repository, which you can access through

7. Purely Wrestling

If you are a fan of wrestling sports, then this addon is the right choice for you. The addon structure content in categories such as Live, Shows, PPV, Documentaries, Archives, Classics, and more. Purely Wrestling also provides the latest news on Wrestling sports worldwide. If you’re a wrestling fan looking to stay updated, install this addon.

Moreover, Purely Wrestling is in the Team Crew repository and can be accessed at

8. Fights On Demand (FOD)

Fights On Demand, also known as FOD, is a Kodi addon that contains lists of UFC, MMA, and boxing events, including replays. There are several leagues to choose from. You can also watch boxing replays and highlights. Some leagues on this addon include UFC on ESPN, The Ultimate Fighter, Cage Warriors, One Championship, and more.

Fights On Demand is located in Narcacist’s Wizard repository and can be accessed via


In conclusion, this article lists and review the best Live Sports Addons For Kodi In 2023. Kodi is a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs; several add-ons exist to make it happen. You can also check out the 10 Best Kodi Addons for Movies and Shows.

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