Best IPTV Apps for IOS: How we watch movies, TV programs, and listen to music, has changed significantly in the past few years thanks to online streaming. We can speak of online streaming without mentioning internet protocol television (IPTV). It is the game changer when streaming on any device, including iPhone, iPad, and other IOS devices.

IPTV has caused a significant shift from the traditional methods of broadcasting. Most of us have knowingly or unknowingly taken advantage of IPTV services. If the word IPTV sounds new to your ears, know that you are not alone. This article will discuss IPTV and share the best IPTV apps you can use on your IOS devices.

What is IPTV?

To start with, let’s split the acronym into two, that is, IP and TV. Let’s start by explaining the IP. It simply means Internet Protocol. Contrary to delivery via satellite, cable, or other traditional means, IPTV service delivers content via the Internet Protocol network. IPTV gives the ability to access media sources continuously. I.e., downloading content while also watching or listening to it simultaneously. The fancy word for this is called streaming.

The TV in IPTV stands for television. Unlike downloaded media, client media, such as TV channels, can begin playing content continuously without delay. Furthermore, IPTV services also allow users to choose shows on demand, unlike no-IPTV. Examples of such services include Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services.

Now that you’ve understood what IPTV is all about let’s know the best IPTV apps for IOS (iPhone/Ipad/Apple TV) in 2023.

Best IPTV Apps for IOS (iPhone/iPad/Apple TV) in 2024

Best IPTV Apps for IOS

There are several dedicated IPTV apps for several devices, including Android, IOS, Smart Tv, Firestick, etc. But here we’ve created a list of the best IPTV Apps for IOS devices. This app works well on iPhones and Ipads. With the IPTV apps listed below, you can watch your favorite shows, series, movies, and TV channels.

Features of best IPTV Apps for IOS devices

  • Intuitive user interface with simple navigation.
  • Picture-in-picture support to create floating windows for media players while using the applications.
  • Support importing subtitles from external directories like and subtitle tracks for Live Tv channels.
  • Ability to watch content in 4KHD high-quality display.
  • Electronic Programing Guide (EPG) support
  • Parental controls
  • Ability to download VOD content for offline viewing
  • Ability to play videos through URL and M3U Playlist formats

iPlayTV – IPTV/M3U Player

iPlayTV is only available for Apple TV. This app comes with a well-organized user interface and user-friendly navigation. The app allows you to watch your playlist live or VOD content. The app also organizes your playlist in a structure that makes it easier to access the content.

Furthermore, iPlayTV allows uploading playlists in different methods. You can upload playlists with remote, Xtream Codes, or file upload.

Features: iPlayTV

  • Supports multiple audio/subtitles tracks.
  • OpenSubtitles support
  • Supports EPG URLs with gzip/tar content
  • Supports most of the IPTV playlists
  • Ability to search channels in all playlists

Smart IPTV

Smart IPTV is an IPTV player specifically designed for iPad but works well on both Apple tv and iPhone. The app allows you to see live channels in your playlist in a well-organized manner. In addition, Smart IPTV is a 4KHD player, and it supports m3u and m3u8. With this app, you can watch on-demand TV series, movies, and TV shows on your Apple Tv, iPhone, and iPad.


Features: Smart IPTV

  • Add, edit, delete, and upload multiple playlists.
  • Support 4KHD high-quality display
  • AirPlay2 support
  • Ability to save and manage your list
  • Intuitive user interface

IPTV Player – Watch Live TV

This is one of the most popular IPTV apps for ios devices. The app works well on iPhones and IPads. You can use this application to watch live tv, TV shows, and TV Catchup on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Furthermore, the app allows you to stream content with cinema-quality graphics. Though this IPTV player requires a subscription, it offers several advantages, unlike most IPTV player applications.

Features: IPTV Player

  • Ability to manage IPTV channels and Playlists.
  • Support for live broadcasts, movies, and TV shows
  • Support for M3U/JSON playlists
  • Support for Picture-in-Picture
  • Support for external EPG sources
  • Supports multiple languages


IPTV+ is a top-rated IPTV player for all IOS devices. This application works seamlessly on Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. IPTV+ is a smart and futuristic IPTV player that supports Chromecast, AirPlay, etc. Furthermore, the app synchronizes your data to Apple iCloud. With this, you won’t need to re-upload your playlist when using the app on other ios devices. IPTV+ also has a search feature that allows you to search TV series, Movies, Shows, and live channels you want to watch.

Feature: IPTV+

  • Apple iCloud Synchronization
  • Ability to detect EPG Live channels when available
  • Support embedded subtitles and external SRT files
  • Stream movies, series, live channels, and other content directly on your tv with Chromecast support.
  • Choose multiple audio tracks in different languages that are available for specific channels.
  • IPTV+ also allows you to watch/stream videos in a floating window, thanks to its support for Picture in Picture (PiP)
  • Add multiple m3u files and create multiple playlists


As we’ve mentioned earlier, several applications allow you to access IPTV services on IOS devices. IPTVX is one of the best IPTV Apps installed on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. The app has a clean user interface. It is more like a Netflix look-alike. You can add the app as a widget on your device’s home screen for easy access. Unlike similar applications, IPTVX allows you to download and watch content offline. Also, you can continue to watch your movies and TV shows across all compatible ios devices, thanks to the app’s ability to synchronize data to Apple iCloud.

Features: IPTVX

  • IPTVX supports major formats and services, including SMB (for NAS/Servers and computers), M3U, M3U8, and Xtream API
  • Continue watching where you left it. You don’t have to go into the stress of watching movies, series, or tv shows all over.
  • Auto EPG. If your server contains Electronic Program Guide (EPG) file, IPTVX will automatically find it.
  • Grab content subtitles directly from
  • Support for PIP, Airplay 2, and cast.


If you are looking for an IPTV app to help manage your playlist group in an organized manner, Mega IPTV is the application for you. Mega IPTV is an m3u player that helps manage playlists (TV channels, series, movies) on iPad and iPhone. The app features Airplay and Chromecast. This feature allows you to cast content to devices with wider screens for a better viewing experience. Furthermore, Mega IPTV allows users to download VOD content to watch offline with no data connection required. You can download your favorites, movies, shows, or series and watch them later.

Features: Mega IPTV

  • Download VOD content for offline viewing.
  • Intuitive user interface with an easy navigation system.
  • Chromecast support for smart devices, including Fire TV, Google TV, Smart TV, Xiaomi Firestick TV, etc
  • Support Electronic Programing Guide (EPG)
  • High-quality media player with simple media controls



IPTVX allows users to manage and watch live tv Movies and TV Shows in style, giving users total control over customization. The app improves the IPTV content experience on Apple TV.

IPTVX comes with built-in support for Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG. It comes with a recently added section, a continuous watching section, tv-series, and other unique, dedicated pages. Furthermore, all data are synchronized n your Apple iCloud to make it available on all your devices and only accessible to you.

IPTV Player for Apple TV

This is a dedicated IPTV player for Apple tv; it Loads local and remote m3u, xspf, and jspf playlists on the Internet. This app also allows Cast any video to the TV screen via AirPlay or Chromecast. Furthermore, IPTV Player for Apple TV has a Built-in high-quality video engine that enables you to play and stream any video seamlessly.

Wrapping Up

IPTV service is a game changer when streaming content on smart devices. But to use IPTV content on any device, you need an IPTV player application. These applications enable you to import playlists using m3u links or other file formats. This page mentions the best IPTV apps for iPhone, iPad, and Apple tv.

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